Stress management
Private/group training

In sport as in work is the rule “The calm is a virtue of the strong.” Stress management is therefore the mental ability that allows you to get the best from yourself and others essential to obtain excellent results.
Effective communication
Private/group training

A two way information sharing process involves one party sending a message to a receiving party. Our Effective communication courses facilitate information sharing easily understood by the receiving party, avoiding any dangerous and unuseful misunderstanding in sport, business environment and private life.
Team building
Group training

Our team building courses allow to generate strong and unbreakable team spirit that enables a workgroup to achieve ambitious objectives beyond, all together, every possible adversity.
Voice management
Private training

Voice is a gearbox for a co-driver. Real professional can easily regulate speed of the rally car, confidence and even mood of the driver only with the voice. We extracted knowledge received from motorsports, TV-production, theatre actors and showbiz and developed a course which converts a sound into an instrument.